Many people are looking for an affordable way to get quality mobile phones that still has tons of features and capabilities. For those in Finland, mobile stores that sell second-hand Android phones are a great option. These stores have a variety of different phones available, ranging from budget models to the latest flagship models for which you can decide the authenticity by reading Finnish company reviews on ReviewsBird. Not only this reviewing platform is reliable, but they also come with impartial suggestions by experts, allowing buyers to feel secure in their purchase.

Furthermore, these stores often have discounts and sales, making it easier to get a great phone for an even better price. The second-hand Android phones available at these stores are a great way to get a quality phone without breaking the bank.


Multitronic is a second-hand android selling a phone with various categories of phones depending on their battery percentage and space depending on the customer demand. The phones are tested by the professionals working at the outlet and offer 12 month’s warranty for the used phones. Along with android phones, they sell mobile phone accessories. It is one of the trusted marketplaces for pre-owned phones.


Telia is a leading company in Finland focusing on refurbishing and selling old phones in better condition with certain upgrades to make them operable and good to use. With a range of different android phones, they also sell used iPhones in Finland. The company Telia promotes the use of preloved mobile phones instead of purchasing new and expensive phones with the same functionality. They offer a 1-year warranty for the used phones and claim themselves to be environment friendly and recycle the old phones for a better purpose.


Finland has numerous companies which promote selling preloved phones as a good replacement for the new expensive phones which can limit your budget. The phones sold by them are fully functioning or have minor defects which result in cost reduction but have no compromise on the functioning of the phone or the quality of the product. Along with this, they offer a warranty to the customer which includes full repair charges dealt with by the company.


Gigantti is a huge marketplace famous in Finland for refurbished mobile phone-selling companies with a variety of android phones from companies such as Motorola and Google pixel. All new kinds of mobile phones with up to 256 GB storage are present there and are highly trusted by the customers due to the fully functioning capability and the service charges which are taken as a responsibility by the workshop providers.


A second-hand android phone is a viable option when looking for a new mobile phone that has all the features you want but doesn’t cost a lot. The best thing about second-hand phones is that they are often a good deal; they sell at a discount. These are also known as used phones and come with a warranty to ensure that they work even after they have been used. The best part is that these phones can be purchased from a number of mobile stores in Finland so you don’t have to travel too far to find one.

By Peel