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Like other countries in the Nordic region, Sweden is often seen as a fantastic place for holidays, partying, rich lifestyles, and endless wealth. That may be true, but Sweden is more than that. The country’s stable economy and high purchasing power should give people a clue that businesses thrive in the region. Swedish reviews have shown that there are a couple of obstacles associated with selling products in Sweden and the Nordic region.

A lack of knowledge about the terrain and how businesses function is among the major obstacles to selling in Sweden. But on the bright side, shopping online in Sweden is a vibrant market with great potential. Therefore, if you want to tap into the Swedish market by expanding your online business to the country, here are a few things to consider.

Consider the ease of delivery

When consumers buy from an online store, shipping and delivery are often of utmost concern. What is the ease of delivery? How soon can they get their product? These will influence their decision to patronize your shop.

Therefore, when expanding to Sweden, it’s better to look for local third-party logistic companies that can easily get your products to pick-up centers for your Swedish customers to get their orders. Postal companies like PostNord are popular in Sweden and can do a good job in this area. You can find others in Sweden and the Nordic region, such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

Be mindful of Taxes and privacy policies

How well do you know the laws and regulations concerning the data privacy of users, customers, and employees in Sweden? What do you know about registering a company in Sweden? What about taxes? These are things you need to think about before expanding your business.

There is a 25% tax imposed on purchases in Sweden, which can cause customers to be mindful of their purchases. You must also register your company with the relevant tax authorities within two weeks of your first transaction in the country. You must know all these before going ahead with your expansion plan.

Is your online store mobile-friendly?

One thing that compels people to buy online is its comfort and ease. Using a mobile phone to undertake such activity drives home this notion. 50% of consumers have been reported to make purchases online using their mobile phones. Therefore, it is important that your online store be easily accessible and its functionality is appealing and effective when visited by mobile phone users. The better a user’s experience, the higher your chances of making more sales.

What are your sustainability goals?

Consumers in Sweden and other Nordic regions are known for their eco-friendly strives. This is a responsibility uniquely shared by the people of the region. Therefore, they are often conscious of their actions, including what they buy. If your products, services, and strategies promote environmental sustainability, ensure it is clear, as this will encourage people to patronize you.


The Swedes are highly proficient in English but incorporating localization is still a strong strategy. Having a local Swedish support center will add more credibility to your brand.


Expanding your online business to Sweden can only be successful through careful planning and ensuring no stone is left unturned. The factors above are things to consider and prepare for before expanding into the region.